Amazing New Bridge (Puente Nuevo) In Spain

This amazing 'Puente Nuevo' is located in Spain. more than 260 years old bridge in the town of Ronda, Spain. At the time of its construction in 1793, it was the third bridge in the town and hence it came to be known as 'Puente Nuevo' (New Bridge) and is called by this name even today.
There is a large chamber underneath the central arch which was used for a variety of purposes, including as a prison and torture chamber during the Spanish civil war (1936 to 1939). Some prisoners were even put to death by throwing them from the windows to the rocky bottom below. Subsequently it was also used as a hotel bar.

Set amidst a rocky surrounding, this amazing work of architecture with tall narrow arch and high piers has a very impressive and majestic appearance. It is reportedly one of the most photographed man-made structures in Spain.

Presently it houses a museum or Interpretation Centre exhibiting/describing the bridge's history and construction. The chamber can be accessed through a stairway on the north-west end of the bridge.
Amazing New Bridge (Puente Nuevo) In Spain

Amazing New Bridge (Puente Nuevo) In Spain

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